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After-sales Service
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 After-sales Service letter of commitment
Dear Users,
Thank you very much for using ANE goods! In order to enjoy better after-sales service and guarantee your benefit, ANE makes the promise as follows:
1. Preparation work before installation
1) ANE provides the new and high quality products, which have been qualified and suitable for long-distance transport.
2) Before delivery, ANE will inform the users how to prepare installation by means of telephone or letter. ANE will deliver the goods on time after users’ confirmation.
2. Service in warranty period
1) ANE provides one year warranty service. The warranty time will be calculated after signature of check and accept. In warranty period, we will abide by the related laws of Republic of China to provide after-sales service, only if the contract has other regulations.
2) In warranty period, we will make response in 24 hours after receiving the information of users’ equipment malfunction. If the users ask ANE to send technicians to site maintenance and repair, ANE will provide site after-sales service in 3-5 working days. After repairing well or maintaining well, ANE will inform the users the malfunction reason, repair measures and repair time in terms of After-sales Service Card, to make the users know the facts of a case satisfiedly.
3) Attentions during free maintenance period: If the users use the equipments improperly or change the equipments randomly, or add new accessaries unsuitably, or operate the system wrongly, or irresistible nature disasters, which lead to repair or change parts, we only charge the cost of parts and labor cost.
3. The Service after warranty period
1) Service range: ANE will be responsible for helping the users’ products maintenance and repair and providing necessary parts for long-term use.
2) Service expiry: Products out of service after warranty time.
3) Service content: Equipment maintenance, training and parts supply etc.
4) Service cost: It all depends.
4. After-sales service procedure drawing

5. After-sales service telephone: 0086-532-80626816.
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