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Our intelligent control-converter machine is widely used in the Micro Grid System

In March, 2013, Our company developed the intelligent control-converter machine successful. In the past year, combining the customer demands and the advanced technology, we improve and update this machine several times. At last, we got a perfect product. So far, it has been widely used in Micro Grid System and got a  widely good comment. 2

This product has the below characteristics

(1) Small volume
This product adopts converting technique. The controller and inverter are highly integrated. Comparing with the same model product, its volume is less by 50%
(2) High integration level
Except the controller and inverter’s function, it also has the function of remote monitor, brake control, data storage and so on.
(3) No dump load
This product was designed according to our pitch controlled wind turbine characteristics. And it gives up the normal dump load completely. Comparing with normal model, it is more safety and efficiency.
(4) Classics radiation mechanism, save energy
This product adopts special nature air cooling technology, can save about 500kWh electricity per year.
(5) High efficiency
The grid connection efficiency can come over 97%
(6) Redundancy protection design idea
We base on the integration, highly consider of our wind turbine, converter and brake system’s characteristics. Then develop a redundancy protection system. This machine ensure the grid connection efficiency and as the same time ensure the wind turbine, converter and brake system’s safety.

Real application

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