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Carry forward “Made-in-China”, Open up “The best quality manufaturing”

Carry forward Made-in-China, Open up The best quality manufaturing


------Warm congratulations AH-10kW pitch controlled wind turbine obtaining the MEI Awards prize!!!


MEI Awards is annual action to choose and display the best quality products which is made in China. It cellected all of China brand products, then choose the most representative products by public selectio. Its subject is to find the MEI of the product which is made by China local factory; to encourage the factorys innovation and change; to improve the value of China Brands!


This theme is almost same with Qingdao Anhua New Energy Equipment Co.Ltd (ANE)s original intentio. So when the orgnization start this action, we join it immediately. Because we want to get the proof and dispaly for our good quality and products by this chance. And finally, we won the prize and we proof our wind turbine is the best product which is designed and made by ourselves completely.


In this action, Doctor. Liu Guanzhong who came from the school of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University and named”The father of industrial design in China”served as the Chairman of the jury. The main Judges includes the vice professor Shi Zhenyu came from School of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, Director Wu Jian from HaierInnovation Design Center; Expert Zhao Hui from Electrical and electronic industry testing of SGS; M&M purchase and quality control general manager Mr. Jamal;  The China Purchase Center of Orchard Supply Hardwars general manager Zhao Yong; Professor Tang Wencheng form School of Mechanical Engineerin, Southeast University and other 13 people etc. The jury team did a very strict judgement according to the product quality, product innovation, human - computer interaction, enforceability and market data and so on. At the last, they chose the most representitave products. In the first judgement stage, according to the orgnizations requierment, we provide the patent certificates and product inspetion reports. The orgnization wanted to take this chance to change the Made in China to  China Quality Manufacturing 

At last, with over 3 months check and judgement and combining the nearly 5 hours discussion, our AH-10kW pitch controlled wind turbine won the prize!!!

Taking this encourage, Qingdao Anhua New Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd will insist to improve the quality and innovation, we will contribute our power to help China product to finish the change from Made in China to Quality manufcuturing in China then show the best quality products to the world!!


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