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ANE wind turbine light the beauty of Laoshan

ANE wind turbine light the beauty of Laoshan

Qingdao Laoshan, is known as the the first mountain in the sea. At local, there is a proverb says Although the Taishan mountain is with the highest cloudy, it is not beautiful than Laoshan of Qingdao. This means there is a high place in heart of Qingdao people. 


    As the famous mountain, there are so much visitors coming here day by day. This create a huge environment pressure and some safety issues. In 2010, ANE installed a wind power system which is use for the forest fire protection monitor application. That project overcame the hard of transport and installation. It also help us to get and keep the experience.



    At the same, for this kind of famous mountain, it also has a strict requirement for the communication. In order to ensure the communication stations power supply stable, ANE, together with China Mobile company installed a wind and solar hybrid system to supply power this year ( May, 2016). ANE stands in the field of wind power, liking the Mountain of Laoshan locates at Qingdao stable. We wish our wind turbine can get the same prize of Laoshan Mountain.




    In the above view, you can see the strongest and beauty Laoshan and our wind turbines.


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