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AH-10kW pitch controlled wind turbine

AH-10kWpitch controlled wind turbine technical parameters
Wind rotor diameter (m)
Blade material and quantity
Fiber glass reinforced * 3
Rated power / max power (w)
Rated wind speed (m/s)
Rated rotate speed (rpm)
Working wind speed (m/s)
Startup wind speed (m/s)
Survived wind speed (m/s)
Working voltage (v)
Speed regulation method
Stop method
Manual brake/Automatic electrical brake
Generator style
Three phase, permanent magnet
Wind turbine weight (kg)
AAATower height / weight (m/kg)

AH-10kWpitch controlled wind turbine output power curve

Technology characteristic
1. Leading centrifugal pitch controlled technology world-wide.
(1) Exactly regulation

Information input source of pitch controlled mechanism is wind rotor rotating speed. System regulation is more stable, reliable and quick response and so on.
(2) Softness regulation
Impact caused by wind speed becoming will be decreased through the pitch controlled mechanism. Regulation soft, failure rate low
(3) Longer service life
System adopts mechanical part, floating connection, smaller fraction losses, less failure sources, better environment adaptability, Longer Service life.
2. High efficiency, 30% electricity more than normal wind turbine
(1) Lower start up wind speed

Pitch controlled wind turbine blades have the best start up angle, can be started up with 2m/s wind speed. Best wind power availability when the wind speed is lower then rated wind speed.
(2) Stable running when wind speed is higher than rated wind speed
When then wind speed is higher than rated wind speed, secondary regulation starts up to make sure system have a stable output power.
Lower start up wind speed, then increase the rotating speed, then have a stable output power with a higher wind speed to make sure there is a 30% more electricity output.
3. Dual protection system
(1) Double degree pitch controlled technology

Wind turbine adopts pitch controlled regulation, more easier to start up and increase rotating speed with smaller wind speed; below rated wind speed, system have a higher efficiency with best TSR; Over rated wind speed, rotating speed is never over speed with minus blade angle.
(2) ASP System (Automatic safety protection system)
ASP system, our patent product is unique protection system in China. It can control the wind turbine to run or stop by testing the environment wind speed and system working voltage. When the environment wind speed or system voltage is over the set value, it will shut up the wind turbine. When the wind speed is lower than 25m/s, it will release the brake system, wind turbine restart to work. ASP makes nobody guard come true
4. Streamline design
Tail vane was designed by streamline, finding wind ability is higher about 30% than normal tail vane.
5. Easy installation
(1) Easy to installation without any heavy equipment likes crane, save installation cost.
(2) Carry and installation are not limited by landform, especially for mountain area and island
(3) Tilt-up tower, easy to install and maintenance.
6. Application field
Micro net power station. on-grid system; wind and solar hybrid system; GSM base station, frontier sentry, island and sight lighting system and so on.

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