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AH-30kW pitch controlled wind turbine

Technical parameters
Wind rotor diameter(m)
Blade material and quality 
Reinforced fiber glass*3
Rated power(W)
Rated wind speed(m/s)
Rated rotating speed(rpm)
Generator type
Three phase, permanent magnet generator
Working wind speed(m/s)
Start-up wind speed(m/s)
Cut-in wind speed(m/s) 3
Survive wind speed (m/s)
Rated voltage(V)
Regulation method
Pitch control
Wind answering method
Up wind +yawing
Stop method  
Automatic brake
Gale protection
Automatic monitor 、unattended
Wind turbine body weight(kg)
Noise level(decibel)
Tower height
Tower type
Standing free tower/hydraulic tower
Working environment temperature

Output power curve
Technical parameters
1. Remote monitor, automatic yawing, pitch control, ASP protection system, a new quarternity and intellect wind turbine.
(1) Remote monitor
Remote monitor system inspects the wind speed and generator voltage, send order to change the wind turbine stop or run even send order to start up the background power source. This system also sends unusual station and failure parameters to user, improve the user’s emergency capacity and pertinence to debugging.
(2) Automatic yawing
Automatic wind answering system will find the right wind direction according to the inspection to wind speed and wind direction. To make sure a good output power at small wind speed and a good protection at gale. Rotating body is same with MW wind turbine’s , lower failure rate, long service life.
(3) Pitch control
Dual pitch controlled mechanism adjust the blade angle according to different wind speed, to make sure wind turbine have output power with smaller wind speed and have a stable output power at gale. Pure mechanism design with rotating speed as the input sources makes soft and exactly regulation.
(4) ASP protection system
ASP, our patent technology, unique product in China will control the wind turbine to stop or work through inspecting environment wind speed and system working voltage. Then the wins peed or voltage is over than set value, system will brakes wind turbine automatic, when wind speed is below than 25m/s, system will release the brake to let equipment work. It makes unattended come true.
2. Variable damp system, high reliable, whole progress pitch controlled
This system will improve pitch control answering speed by changing the damp in every phase to overcome regulation inaccuracy.
3. Special aerofoil design, high efficiency blade.
4. Generator anti-over current protection technology
When the output current of ANE generator comes up to rated value, it will not be increased following with the rotating speed. There is not over current even over speed or short circuit.
5. Maximum voltage constant technology
Combining pitch controlled technology and generator characteristic, this technology insures wind turbine has a stable voltage with maximum output power, wave area is smaller than 2%, improve wind turbine’s resistance to pressure, improve system’s reliable and survive capacity.
Application area
Micro grid power station, on-grid system, wind and solar hybrid system, oil plant, communication station, sentry, island, sight lighting and so on.
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