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AH-2kW pitch controlled wind turbine

AH-2kW pitch controlled wind turbine

1. Product Picture

2. Product Characteristics

(1) Exactly and softness regulation of pitch control

Information input source of pitch control is the wind rotor rotating speed,  it make sure the response quick and regulate softness; Following with wind rotor rotating speed, adjust optimum TSR automatic.

(1) Lower start up wind speed

The blade has a big startup angle; Wind rotor can be started with 2m/s wind speed

(2) Stable running when wind speed is higher than rated wind speed

The blade angle is minus value under pitch controlled when wind speed is over than rated wind speed. It makes system have a stable rated output power.

(3) High efficiency, lower noise blade, suitable for pitch controlled wind turbine  

Choose aerofoil through wind tunnel test; Blade has optimum aerodynamic shape; high efficiency and low noise.

(4) Low resisting moment, high efficiency, over current protection designed three phase permanent magnet synchronous generator

Three phase permanent magnet generator developed by ourselves adopts lower startup resistance moment, 1.5 times overload continuous working capacity, maintenance free for more than 30000 hours.

(5) Long service life design

System adopts mechanical part, floating connection, anti fatigue, impact resistance, long service life.

Tipped special 3M film on the front edge of blade, high strength to sandstorm, extend wind rotor service life.

(7) Streamline design, high-usage for wind energy 

Up wind direction, streamline tail vane, quick response to wind direction, find wind optimum and high wind usage.

(8) Sealed slip ring, no cable twist, good conductivity of electricity


3. Technical Parameters

Wind rotor diameter (m)


Blade material and quantity

Reinforced fiber glass*3

Rated output power (kW)/max output power(kW)


Rated wind speed (m/s)


Rated rotating speed(r/min)


Working wind speed (m/s)


Start up wind speed (m/s)


Cut-in wind speed (m/s)


Safety wind speed (m/s)


Working voltage (VDC)


Speed regular method

Pitch control

Stop method

Manual brake

Generator type

3phase permanent magnet synchronous generator, AC

Wind turbine weight (kg)


Tower height (m)


Working temperature (℃)


Noise level (dB)


  4. Application Field

GSM base station, forest-fire prevention, monitor system, sight lighting, island, sentry post, boats, agriculture, home application and so on.

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